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September 18, 2015 Leave a comment

My day at Kettler Iceplex for week 1 of the Washington Capitals Training Camp –

Me & Braden Holtby

Me & Braden Holtby. Nicest dude ever. Even more attractive in person. He hugged me. I melted.

Me & Tom WIlson. I'm swooning.

Me & Tom WIlson. I’m swooning. I told him he was my favorite Canadian. He was honored. I made him laugh. I proposed marriage. I fainted.

Me & Brooks Laich

Me & Brooks Laich. Even hotter in person. Sweetie pie too.

Me & TJ Oshie

Me & TJ Oshie. American Olympic Hero. He hugged me too. My knees buckled. Caps colors look great on him.

Me & Nate Schmidt

Me & Nate Schmidt. Precious.

Me & John Carlson

Me & John Carlson. Very outgoing. I made him laugh too.

Autographs from my SQUADDDDD

Autographs from my SQUADDDDD. I’m framing this.

Thank you to the social media team at the Washington Capitals for capturing my beautiful moment with Tom Wilson on Snapchat.

When Tom WIlson met Fatou. Magic.

When Tom WIlson met Fatou. Magic.

And if I couldn’t get even more lucky, Tom Wilson liked my Instagram post. I am officially swooning.

That moment Tom Wilson liked my Instagram post

That moment Tom Wilson liked my Instagram post

This was THE most perfect day ever. Thank you Capitals players & Kettler Iceplex for your hospitality. I will never forget this day.


That time I became a hockey fan & went to Nassau Coliseum to support my Washington Capitals

June 7, 2015 Leave a comment

It’s been many moons since I’ve been inspired to blog. Since I’ve last written a post, I’ve become a huge Washington Capitals fan. Yes folks, I got into hockey. It’s been a great decision (except the fact that the Caps haven’t won a Stanley Cup & I’ve added yet another DC team to break my heart).

Anyway, I had an amazing experience supporting the Caps this season, until it wasn’t amazing. I would blog about this but my buddy Igor did a far better job. Check out my adventures going to Long Island in a Caps jersey during the playoffs with my buds. Who knew supporting your team would end up getting you interviewed by the Washington Post. Grant & Danny, ESPN, Boomer & Carton & more sports sites?

Hockey is a Game