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Let’s face it, Rex Grossman is our stopgap QB.

December 21, 2010 2 comments

We all know how this story is ending. Donovan McNabb is getting cut (or in a miracle, traded to Arizona or Minnesota for some draft picks) in 2011. He will no longer be our starting QB which yet again leaves us needing a starting QB again. So, my question to you is, are we ok with Rex Grossman starting for the Redskins while we draft & groom our QB of the future?

Hear me out people before you bash me. I am in no way, shape, or form a fan of Rex Grossman nor did I drink the Kool-Aid after his 4-TD performance vs. a divisional rival. I am 1000% aware of how horrid the Dallas Cowboys secondary has been this year too. But hear me out Redskins nation. This Donovan McNabb/Kyle Shanahan marriage has not worked. It’s heading towards a divorce. McNabb is a square peg that cannot fit in Kyle Shanahan’s “offense”. Yes, 14 of Dallas Cowboys’ points came from Rex’s turnovers. But I’ve never seen our offense in such a rhythm this year as I have in the 2nd half of that Redskins/Cowboys game. Yes, Rex does not have a strong arm & YES, I know Kyle’s offensive playcalling was way different with Rex than it was with Donovan. But clearly, Mike Shanahan realizes that the Redskins are more than a Pro-Bowl QB away from being competitive so are we ok with accepting Rex Grossman as our stopgap as we draft and develop a QB under Kyle Shanahan’s offensive system?

Here’s my thought – If Rex’s BEST QB effort can keep us competitive in these last two games, games against two teams still fighting to keep their playoff hopes alive, then I feel a little better having him as our QB while we PROPERLY rebuild. Now if we can find a way to beat the New York Football Giants in Week 17, a team we haven’t beat since 2007 with OLD backup QB Todd Collins, I’ll be totally impressed & taste the Kool-Aid these damn Shanahans are force feeding us. Cause let’s face it, we have many needs on both sides of the ball that will take years to build so while we remain perennial cellar dwellers in the NFC East as we properly address these needs (hopefully with young talent that can remain with us in the years to come), I could come to be okay with Rex being our starter. MAN that hurt to type that!! Especially since those turnovers that Rex committed were so classic Rex AND very egregious…

No, I’m not ok with us mortgaging draft picks for Donovan McNabb to be our starter for 13 games. No I’m absolutely not okay with how Team Shanahan dealt with McNabb, or the drama of Haynesworthlessgate 2010 but unfortunately, as much as I want to quit this team with this loser shenanigans, I can’t.

So, now that I’ve put myself in the line of fire – what are your thoughts? For some inspiration, here’s Rex Grossman’s performance vs. the Cowboys. Please note, this is his first start since 2008. Not giving any excuses, just facts. Also please please note again, I am not a fan of Rex Grossman either so if when you comment, please remember that.

Redskins v. Cowboys Week 15 highlights

BTW – very sorry I’ve disappeared lately, my laptop motherboard is fried so I am once again computerless…

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