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Fail of the Day – Derek Anderson channelling his inner Dennis Green

November 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Derek Anderson, you are no Dennis Green. And from the game last night, you are no starting NFL quarterback either. Below is a clip of Derek Anderson going ham on a reporter who asked him why he was seen on the sidelines laughing as his Arizona Cardinals were getting blown out by division rival San Francisco 49ers –

I have a clue of what he was laughing at –

Anyway, he’s the master Dennis Green showing fools how to go off on the media –


This is what happens when you badmouth my quarterback

November 22, 2010 3 comments

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Glenn Close Terrell Owens has a ridiculous obsession with my quarterback Donovan McNabb. Instead of focusing on his quarterback Carson Palmer and his terrible 2-7 record, he always feels the need to comment on McNabb, whether it’s questioning his endurance or just recently, hating commenting on his new contract. Well, obviously, T.O., this is what happens when you speak bad of my quarterback –

When you mess with the Washington Redskins, you get embarrassed in your house by the Buffalo Bills.

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Caption This – Wale’s Reaction @ the Redskins/Eagles Game

November 17, 2010 4 comments

I promise I will not make another post about that Monday Night Football Madden beatdown that I’ve decided to black out of my memory. This image was too good to pass up so caption this –

Chad Dukes speaks truth

November 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Chad Dukes (@chaddukes) expressed the sentiments of every long time, diehard, LOYAL Redskins fan today on 106.7 The Fan about the absolute embarrassing Monday Night Football game vs. the Eagles. For those unlucky to hear it live, here’s the clips. Absolute hilarity & 1000% truth!

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Caption This – Redskins D going to work

November 16, 2010 2 comments

I have no words for this. Maybe you do…

Next day later & I’m still SMDH.

All hail.

Fail of the Day – Fun times at Jerry’s World

November 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Apparently, watching David Garrard and the Jacksonville Jaguars shred the Dallas Cowboys was not the only entertainment at the new Cowboys stadium. Check out your girl giving an insane lap dance show during the game!!

Strip tease at Cowboys Stadium


Funny of the day – Rex Grossman under center

November 1, 2010 2 comments

This is ten shades of wrong and we absolutely deserved to lose this game. Donovan McNabb has not been impressive as a Redskin but who would be behind that joke of an o-line? You DO NOT bench Donovan McNabb, the face of our franchise, the face behind our “R u in”, winning now mantra, for Rex Grossman. I don’t care if McNabb threw 8 picks in that game. He WILL always give us the better chance to win over Grossman. I don’t buy this “McNabb didn’t know the 2 minute offense terminology” nonsense. He’s an 11 year veteran. We gave up draft picks for this dude & more & more everyday, I see the writing on the wall that McNabb will not be here next year. And by the way Mike ShanaZORN Shanahan, you are my coach and I’m glad you’re here but you are not above the wrath with a decision like that which the game still in reach. I love you Mike but your ego is insane. Stop creating controversy where it’s not needed!! Lastly, your son Kyle has not been impressing me either.

If you like laughing, here’s Rex Grossman under center –

PS – Boy did we need Clinton Portis’ blocking skills. Detroit’s defensive line manhandled us & Portis is great at picking up the blitz. We need him!

PPS – The last time McNabb was benched, he did lead the Philadelphia Eagles to the NFC Championship. Not saying that’s happening this year but it should be noted…