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DeAngelo Hall, Albert Haynesworth, Jay Cutler – what do they have in common?

October 25, 2010 3 comments

All three are my favorite people after this comedy of errors known as Sunday’s Pop Warner Bears/Redskins game. Like I suspected, the Bears are a joke this year and Jay Cutler is even worst than I thought but man this was a hard game to watch as there were a combined nine turnovers. I was convinced for a second that neither team wanted to win & even more convinced that Jay Cutler was the 12th Redskin on the field. He was beyond awesome & every time he stepped on the field, I knew that was an extra opportunity for my defense to score (given that my offense was quite offensive many times throughout the game).

DeAngelo Hall needs to be the NFC Defensive Player of the Week for what he did against the inept Bears offense. For those who didn’t see, my boy, who angrily informed the media after our embarrassing loss to the St. Louis Rams, “THIS IS MY DEFENSE,” stepped up to the challenge & put his money where his mouth was. He intercepted Jay Cutler FOUR times & took one 92-yds for a touchdown, complete with his Deion Sanders stance in the endzone (which hater Troy Aikman thought should be penalized for excessive celebration).

DeAngelo Hall’s 4 INTs in a single game ties the record for the most INTs in a game (with 18 other people), the last time being in 2001. He saved the game for us. Mind you, all 4 of his INTs came in the 2nd half.

Albert Haynesworth, in my opinion, had his best game as a Redskin against the Bears yesterday. He was completely disruptive and did his best Dominique Dawes acrobatic impression to stand Jay Cutler up at the goal line, which allowed London Fletcher to punch the ball out & cause Cutler to fumble. Thing of beauty!! If dude can continue this dominance, our D is going to be even scarier.

For those who missed the game, thank me later. If you like great offensive plays, this isn’t the video for you but you can see Haynesworth’s dominance & a whole bunch of turnovers.

MY OFFENSIVE THOUGHTS – Yes, Donovan McNabb’s play on Sunday was borderline putrid but he made plays where it counted, which is why I will not curse him & say we should have kept Jason Campbell. We don’t win these games with Campbell, and I’m a Campbell supporter. As many throws as McNabb throws at receiver’s feet, he makes such a spectacular throw in our favor that reminds me why we traded for him. Plus, in the 1st qtr, McNabb threw perfect balls that Anthony Armstrong & Chris Cooley should have caught. Point blank. That being said, McNabb gotta step it up. Our defense can’t bail us out all the time!! And as for Ryan Torain, despite his fumble near the goal line, I love this dude. I love his toughness!

And because I know you’ll enjoy this, my victory stance after McNabb took a knee to end the game –

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“Open Fly Jeans” from Wrangler starring yours truly, Brett Favre

October 25, 2010 Leave a comment

SNL is never not funny, & this commercial doesn’t disappoint. If you’re in the dark about Brett Favre’s off the field issues involving Jenn Sterger, hilariously sad voicemail flirting, and disturbing nude photos, check this out and if you want to see photos of Brett Favre alleged man parts, click here.

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Funny of the Day – Antoine Dodson’s Sex Offender Tracker App

October 25, 2010 Leave a comment

I’m kinda at a loss for words….BUT for someone who works in sales, I gotta admit, Antoine Dodson is a great spokesman. Quite memorable…

My life is complete now that I’ve seen LaToya Jackson in person!

October 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Whenever I think I’m over living in New York City, the unimaginable happens – this time being me walking right into the “Celebrity Apprentice” taping & seeing the greatness that is LaToya Jackson, Gary Busey, Star Jones, NeNe Leakes, and Lil Jon. Now that I’ve finally breathed the same NYC air as LaToya Jackson, my life is complete!! She’s ridiculously tiny in person & actually doesn’t look bad in person. And Star Jones is wayyyyy smaller in person than I imagined & yes, she IS a lawyer (go sit in the corner if you don’t get the reference). And yes, I was tempted to yell “Keep your legs closed to married men” when I saw NeNe but alas, I kept it klassy. Only in NYC can you walk home from work to end up on the set of a TV show. Here’s my lovely Blackberry photos –

BTW – Yes, Gary Busey’s teeth as even bigger in person.

Funny of the Day – Justin Bieber goin INNNNN on Tom Brady

October 15, 2010 1 comment

Justin Bieber doesn’t appreciate Tom Brady copying his lesbian hairstyle & he let him know in his rap “Speaking in Tongues.”

For those who can’t stomach listening to The Biebs rap, he said “Call up Mr. Brady. Tell him to leave his hair to that guy that sings ‘Baby.’ ”

This ish is hilarious & yes, I have Bieber Fever. Don’t judge.

Hey The Onion – That’s my quarterback, that’s my team!

October 15, 2010 2 comments

The Onion is quite hilarious. Here’s their “Strongside/Weakside” take on my beloved Washington Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb –

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GIRLFIGHT! Tom Brady & Randy Moss are foolish.

October 11, 2010 1 comment

Early Sunday afternoon, my Twitter timeline (@FatouSadio) went crazy about some Tom Brady/Randy Moss spat in the locker room about bad hair and shaving beards. The comments were so ridiculous that I paid no attention to it, till I heard CBS Sports’ Charlie Casserly attached to this story. According to him, Brady & Moss (of the New England Patriots, well Moss formerly of the Patriots) got in a heated argument in the locker room & Brady, being the girly man consummate leader that he is, told Moss to shave his beard. I mean, Brady is married to supermodel Gisele Bunchen so he probably thought he was being a good teammate in his advice. Moss, being such a clever trashtalker, retaliated by telling Brady to cut his lesbian Bieber chic hair because he looked like a girl.

Ummmmm, really? Hilarity. I really hope this ish is not true but if it is, they both gets a chop.

BTW, here’s how these fools look for those who wonder who gave out the best advice –

Clearly, neither one of them are in the position to dish out hair advice. Stick to football.

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