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Yep, Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalu Insured His Precious Herr for $1M

August 30, 2010 5 comments

Gorgeous LocksPer People Magazine (@peoplemag), Head & Shoulders has insured Pittsburgh Steeler strong safety Troy Polamalu, or as my friend calls him, sexy Samoan, for $1 million dollars. I’ll keep it real, his hair is quite gorgeous & I would love to have his luxurious curls. I know I’m not the only one.

You can read the rest of the article here.

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Quick Reads in lieu of tonight’s Redskins/Jets Matchups

August 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Very interested to see how well both teams play tonight. As you know, in the 3rd preseason games, coaches usually have their starters out for around 3 quarters. I’m very excited to see how the Redskins offense performs against King Rex Ryan’s #1 Jets defense. As a 9 year New York resident (with a DC twist of course), I have adopted the New York Jets as my favorite New York sports team. I clearly hate the Giants so I can never ever adopt them as my team, or wish them well (except for the Super Bowl against the Patriots) & I hate baseball so the Jets seemed like a perfect team for me to root for (and Dustin Keller tweeting me certainly helped that cause). Of course, the few times the Jets & the Redskins go head to head, I will clearly root for the Redskins. But I have to admit that I really enjoyed watching the Jets prove the NFL & New York City wrong last year & I really love King Rex Ryan & very excited to see how much they improve from last year. Nonetheless, I’m hoping to see my Redskins 1st team offense & defense dominate the Jets. I’m hoping not to see the Jets impressive D stunt Sexy Rexy GROSSman and our offense.  Yes it’s preseason but I still want to see positivity from my team on both sides of the ball. In preparation of tonight’s game, I’ve provided some quick reads on what to look for tonight –

Redskins vs Jets Key DLine & OLine Matchups
Jets-Redskins: Pre-game breakdown
Redskins Aim to ‘Knock’ Jets Off Their Pedestal
Video: Redskins-Jets preview
Ten to watch


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The soap opera known as the Washington Redskins are perfect for HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’!

August 24, 2010 2 comments

Those who know me know that I love ABC soap operas as much as I love football. And anyone who follows the Washington Redskins know that their drama is crazier than the stuff I watch on General Hospital. Erica Kane & Dorian Lord can take lessons from Queen Diva Albert Haynesworth. Check out @sbnation‘s great article on why the Redskins would be the perfect candidate for HBO’s Hard Knocks – Redskins Are Made For HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’. And happy 58th birthday to Coach Mike Shanahan!!

Clearly, Tony Romo likes them blonde & dumb

August 23, 2010 Leave a comment

I saw this article on my Twitter feed & had to share it with you. If you like laughing as much as I do, I present you with this great read – Tony Romo Is Banging A Former Cowboys Intern Who Can’t Subtract. To my many Cowboys friends, thank me later. In fact, I’m feeling so generous today that I’ll share another treat –

You can thank me later. See you September 12th!!

And cause my middle name is Santa Claus right now, here’s another great gift –

This is never not funny.

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Random Redskins Preseason Thoughts – Week 2

August 23, 2010 1 comment

The streaming computer GODS did not like me on Saturday so I was only able to catch bits & pieces of the game. Yes, it appears that my Redskins were “blew out” by the Ravens, 23-3, but from what I saw, I can’t say I 1000% agree. I’m instructing my fellow burgundy & gold-ers not to find the nearest bridge to jump off of. The story wasn’t as terrible as it looks. Stay with me here.

Our first team offense did have some struggles but the score was 3-0 Ravens. Take away that special teams play & our defense held their own against Baltimore’s 1st offense. Speaking of offense, Donovan threw against the Ravens D & slightly torched their secondary. I saw most of the 1st quarter & yes, Donovan McNabb made some ugly throws but I don’t think he was as bad as the 11-26 completion rate reads. First of all, there were some drops. I’m looking at you Chris Cooley, Fred Davis, Santana Moss. Do they drop those balls in regular season, no. Redskins fan, no need to press the panic button. What was terrible was our run game, specifically, Larry Johnson. I have some words for that in a few. Also not so great, our protection against the Ravens blitz packages. As my boy Santana Moss put it perfectly, “I’m glad we put that on film. We put it on film so now we can go work on what we have to.” And they will.

Some other quick thoughts & observations –

Anthony Armstrong, I want you on my team. I’ve liked what I’ve seen from you & let’s continue the good work this year.

Graham Gano, yes it’s preseason & I’ve liked what I’ve seen from you, but don’t get all Shaun Suisham on us. You don’t want to feel the wrath.

Larry Johnson, thanks for your services but I’ve seen all I need to see from you. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Clearly, we should have made a play for LaDanian Tomlinson since we’re obsessed with aging running backs. I’ve seen what he’s done with the Jets so far in preseason & dude is looking great.

Donovan McNabb, I know you’re learning a new offense & all but I don’t want to see you throwing at receivers feet come 9/12. That being said, I’m loving the chemistry you seem to have with Chris Cooley, Anthony Armstrong, & Santana Moss. Keep that up!! Also like how you’ve used your legs. Rest up & don’t get injured on us!!

Laron Landry, I liked seeing you actually tackle & cause fumbles. If I see more of that next year, I will forgive you for your performance last year.

London Fletcher, you are still a beast & play like you’re still 25. Love you love you love you. You are nothing short of an amazing leader & a class act.

Kareem Moore, here’s to hoping for a full recovery!! I liked what I heard about you in camp & was looking forward to seeing that translate into games this year.

Albert Haynesworth, your ailment of Rhabdomyolysis, that’s short for “Shut the #$%^ up & get your fat ass in shape!” Take off the pampers & pacifier & man up & play like the beast you can me. I’m over hearing about what you think your worth is & how you should be respected, though you’ve done nothing to earn it. Clearly he’s ovulating or something & his hormones are out of whack. I’m over hearing him complain. Just play lights out football & help us win games!

Once again, I appreciate you reading my blog & I’m very interested to hear your comments. Remember, I didn’t see the whole game, only bits & pieces of the 1st half so go easy on my if you completely disagree with what I blogged.

And for those who love reading journalists rip egotistical overpaid pieces of lard – that’s English for Albert Haynesworth, check out Sally Jenkins’ WaPo article. Thing of beauty!! I also found this article on Bleacher Report about how us Redskins fans shouldn’t feel completely down. Enjoy!!

Is Fred Davis on your Fantasy Football team?

August 18, 2010 1 comment

Just wanted to share this great read by Jason La Canfora (@JasonLaCanfora) sharing his players to watch out for this season, which includes my boy Fred Davis from the Washington Redskins (ALL HAIL!!).  As I’ve mentioned on this blog before (maybe I didn’t…), I really loved what I saw from Davis last year & I have no doubt that we’ll be seeing even more greatness from him this year.  With Chris Cooley healthy, I’m very pumped to our offense & our two tight ends in the lineup together causing havoc.  Check out this article & let me know what you think – These guys could become household names by year’s end.

Also, I have a question for my Cowboys fans – are you a bit nervous about all these O-Line injuries?  I had a fun Gchat session with my boy, who’s the BIGGEST DC sports, except for the Redskins of course (diehard Cowboys fan) & he’s not too worried.  So I ask, are you Dallas Cowboys fan worried?  Are you missing Flozell “the Hotel/Foul Player” Adams?  I think it will make for an exciting September 12th showdown at FedEx.  For those not clued in on the recent Cowboys O-Line injuries, you can read it here.

Lastly, since I’m blogging football, I am compelled to ask, what’s your stance on the Brett Favre situation?  I assume that if you’ve made it this far in my blog, you clearly know the Brett Favre situation, with culminated in him officially returning to the Vikings for another his last season (so he’s said for the last 5 years).  When he starts against the Saints on September 9th (I think), he will be the first grandfather to start as a QB in the NFL, probably the first grandfather to start in the league.  I think that stat in itself is the coolest stat I’ve ever heard.  My thoughts on this, Brett Favre is embracing his inner Libra WOMAN with his indecisiveness.  He’s turning 41 in October, was completely manhandled in his last start last season, & I’m convinced dude is not at 100%.  Unlike most, I don’t hate him & I was very proud of how well he did last season, but this mess that went down this year to get him to sign tells me that part of his indecisiveness was due to his ability to actually make it through all 16 games.  The New Orleans Saints gave every defense the blueprint on how to get to Favre & I know there’s a lot of hungry linemen who want to end that dude’s career.  As far as the cat & mouse game he played with the Vikings, I blame the Vikings for allowing that ONE man to hold that team hostage.  They shouldn’t have given him all that power.  That’s my stance on this issue.  Very interested to hear your thoughts.

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Bleacher Report’s NFC East Predictions for 2010

August 15, 2010 8 comments

Came across this article/slideshow on Twitter & thought I’d share it.  My many Cowboys friends will especially love this prediction, and when I say love, I mean hate.  Take a look at Michael Mohajeri’s prediction & let me know what you think.  My thoughts, & I know you were wondering, as a diehard, yet rational Redskins fan, I’m hopeful, but I can’t say I completely agree with him.  I’ll leave it at that. ENJOY!!!

PS – for your viewing pleasure, I thought I’d leave this really funny YouTube video of Donovan McNabb acting a fool. Thank me later.